Dallas Cowboys To Locate World HQ + Training Facility in Frisco!

Although I’m from Philadelphia and grew up rooting for the Eagles, I’m thrilled that the Dallas Cowboys have chosen my adopted hometown of Frisco for their new world headquarters and indoor practice facility.

(You can read more about it at the Dallas Morning News article here.) 


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There are lots of reasons that this is a great thing for Frisco:

—It’s great publicity for Frisco — which is already the fastest-growing city in the country from 2000-2009 (according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics) and named one of the top 100 places to live in the United States by Money magazine.

—It will strengthen Frisco’s reputation for sports — joining FC Dallas, the Frisco RoughRiders, Dr Pepper Arena, the Dallas StarCenter Frisco, and other pro and amateur teams and venues.

—It will bring increased tax revenue to the city, which it can use to maintain our infrastructure as the city grows.

—It will attract more businesses in the surrounding areas, meaning more jobs and more money being spent in Frisco.

—It will bring football fans and tourists to training camp, leading to more money being spent here.

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And for us folks with real estate on the brain, here are four more reasons this is big news:

Increased local and regional real estate values and prices.

—More construction projects will likely be started by builders.

—More people will want to move here (as this strengthens Frisco’s reputation as a great place to live and raise a family).

—Community involvement from the team — they already have an agreement where Frisco ISD can use the facilities for high school football and soccer games, graduation ceremonies, band competitions and other events; and the city of Frisco can use the facility up to 6 times a year for events.

It’s safe to say that Frisco is looking forward to the facility’s opening in 2016 — and the benefits of a 25-year agreement with the Cowboys!

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